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Early Arts TEACHER

Hi!  My name is Sonja. I am a Preschool Teacher for 2-5 years old kids every working day from 8am-4pm.

I am also an afterschool Art Teacher for 5-12 years old once a week.


I came from my native country, Croatia, to NY in January 2000. In Croatia, I was an Artist, Art & Book Shop Owner, and BFA Art and Design Teacher

In NY, I was a Stay-At-Home-Mom; excited by the discovery of young kids’ passion and natural creativity, I started studying and later graduated AS Early Childhood Education.  

After moving from New York to New Jersey in July 2008, I became a Registered Family Child Care Provider, First Aid and CPR certified


My home is now a State Certified Family Child Care Home that is recognized by Grow NJ Kids as a 4-star program for our commitment to quality improvement. Early Arts also meets all Federal Nutritional Requirements established by USDA's Child and Adult Care Food Program.


The voluntary New Jersey Certificate of Registration for Family Child Care is obtained through the Office for Children, the state designated family child care sponsoring organization for Bergen County.

By selecting a provider with NJ state Certificate of Registration, you will be assured that the provider is screened and the home is regularly inspected to make sure it meets all health and safety requirements.

Also, beyond initial trainings, caregivers are required to participate in ongoing trainings and professional development that reflects the most recent research in child development and safety.


Teaching isn't just my job; it’s also a passion and commitment to make a real difference in the lives of young children. I strive to bring out the best in my students and use all my creativity to make their learning fun and exciting, while being flexible in dealing with educational challenges. ​

Our reciprocal dialogue and interaction must be established in order for us to construct learning together and find meaning in the world around us. I am dedicated to the love of learning and always inspire my students to learn more.

Early Arts is a place where learning is fun because I am always enthusiastic for their educational needs, and that can resonate with children for the rest of their lives. Over the years I was inspired by many little humans and their families whose lives touched me as much as I touched theirs.

I find further inspiration by working on my professional development, belonging to professional associations, participating with quality improvement programs, and voluntarily maintaining state certification. I continue to work to become better every year.

My son st​arted Early arts when he turned three. He loved it and we loved having him there. Sonia's creativity and energy were unmatched. Individual attention, the variety of activities - indoors and outdoors, arts, nature, learning and developing relationships with other children at the scale that perfectly fitted his age. His creativity took off, and till now he has such ease of art expression. Unlike many pre-schoolers at his age, he did not start getting sick after starting Early Arts, and it is my firm believe that it was due to family-like group size. Early Arts was indeed like extended family. Thank you Sonia for those great years!


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