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Our New Jersey state certified early child care and preschool education for children 2-5 years old is provided in a unique home-based school settingin a small group of no more than five or six children at a time​, and under the guidance of always the same, highly qualified educator.

Time/Attendance Options

Early Arts Preschool is open Monday to Friday from 8am to 4pm, with summer break July and AugustDepending on our availability and your needs, the children are enrolled for 2, 3, or 5 days per week.

Ratio/Group Size

Our ratio of children to adult is 5:1 or 6:2. Our group is never bigger than five kids at a time, or six if two teachers are presentThe same two teachers are working with the kids throughout the  whole school year.

Sharing Documentation

We use photo and video documentation to reflect and revisit experiences, feelings, ideas, and the learning process. This we share with the children and their families on a regular basis


We respect every child and his or her competencies, interests, and learning processes. 

We also respect parents as each child's first teacher - families are always welcome to get involved.


Inside Early Arts Child Care Home is an engaging, developmentally appropriate, carefully planned learning environment that provokes curiosity and learning and promotes a positive social/ emotional climate;  it offers multiple opportunities for children to joyfully interact, explore, discover, create, learn, and grow.


Our primary goal is to respect our society’s standards for high-quality care and education through creating meaningful learning experiences that support and promote children’s progression to understanding more complex concepts. We strive to promote children's meaning making through art and play-based early childhood education.


With the curriculum designed for family child care that is closely aligned to the NJ state early learning standards, we use children’s natural curiosity to create a love for learning where major emphasis is on creative activities and learning through play. Children are allowed to develop their own interests; we investigate, collaborate, and learn together.

Daily Schedule

Our program is relaxed and informal, but there is dependable sequence to such events as eating, resting, activities, and play so that the children have the security of knowing what happens next. Transitions are never stressful. A healthy, nutritious breakfast, lunch, and snack are freshly made and served daily. A quiet time follows lunch.



The arts are the perfect tool for teaching young children; they are a means of communication, also facilitating the expression of their thoughts and feelings, and allowing them to express their creativity. ​

New dimensions of expression and learning are possible with added perspective and experiences of a teacher educated in the visual arts.

Children learn science, math, and literacy standard skills through creative artistic explorations; they paint, draw, sculpt, dance, sing, talk, and write to reach new understanding and give form to complex concepts. 

That develops higher order problem-solving and critical-thinking skills that will be fundamental for later learning through the elementary grades and beyond.


Enriched dance lessons and creative movement classes are scheduled bi-weekly by DDA Dance Academy in Paramus, NJ. 

These fun 45-minute classes consist of a combination of dance, coordination skills, rhythm, and singing. Skills that are introduced in the creative movement class are reinforced, and new skills are added to keep students engaged while playfully learning.


Both of my children have been with Sonja for two years, and honestly, if it were up to me, I'd keep them learning with her through Kindergarten! They play, dance, read, build, paint, draw, create...LOVE school! The amount of learning and creating that goes on is amazing. Sonja is caring, guiding, and direct in her approach with the kids. They experience structure without stricture. 

Thank you Sonja!





8 AM - 4 PM



8 AM - 4 PM



8 AM - 4 PM


Tuition (c. $6 per hour) varies based on the weekly attendance schedule you choose for your child. Some flexibility with the schedule may be possible but must be discussed in advance. Tuition can be paid weekly or monthly, by cash, check, or mobile payment. Except during the summer months of July and August, tuition is expected on a regular basis, on our working and non-working days, and if child is absent for whatever reason. Tuition statement is provided at the end of the year for tax purposes.


The size of our group is always 5 to 6 kids at a time and it is not getting bigger as the kids are getting older, so tuition is the same for all agesyour 4 or 5 years old will enjoy the same benefits of the small group and individual attention from their teachers as their younger siblings or friends. 


20 creative movement classes are scheduled throughout the school year. Dance fee is included in Tuition.


In addition, three nutritious, healthy meals are freshly prepared daily and included in tuition price if the food program form is signed. 



Enrollment is ongoing during the school year, depending on the space availability. Re-enrolling in spring for the next school year; after continuous enrollment is confirmed, priority is given to the siblings of the currently enrolled students and returning families. Available schedule is then offered to the parents on our waitlist. To inquire about our immediate or future availability or to join the waitlist, please fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page.


In order to enroll your child for Early Arts Preschool Program, you must bring the completed Registration Packet, Advance Notice Fee (last two weeks paid in advance), and $25 Yearly Enrollment Fee. The fees can be paid by cash, check, or mobile payment option information will be provided. Contract that confirms our agreement and understanding of our Policies needs to be signed after our Policies are discussed in person. We cannot hold your child's spot if any of the required documentation/fees are incomplete. 

Click on the links to download and print REGISTRATION PAC​KET forms:

Basic parent and child information, Emergency contacts, Medical history, Social media policy with picture release form, State forms.

Child's ​health form completed and signed by a physician, with the examination dated within 12 months prior or within 30 days after the first day of school, and every 12 months from the date of the examination thereafter.



Child Care Food Program ensures that all children receive nutritious, well-balanced meals while in school. Three meals are included in tuition price if child's Food Program Enrollment Form is signed.

Keep these documents for your own reference:

Beginning and end of the school year, closings.

List of our daily activities with approximate times of the day.

Our sample menu, approved by Child Care Food Program. 




Email Address*


How old is your child?


To contact us, call 201-300-6009 or fill out this contact form. 

Your e-mail will never be used in any other way 

than for occasionally contacting you with our updates. 

Visiting time must be scheduled in advance. 

Thank you!

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