Art-Based Learning - Registration - Elmwood Park, NJ
Art-Based Learning - Unique Child Care Option - NJ State Certified Since 2008
Ongoing enrollment during the school year, depending on the space availability. Enrolling in spring for the next school year/summer camp.

Prepayment is required and early enrollment recommended, as class size is limited. Non-refundable one-time enrollment fee $25.

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After-school Art Classes
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Late fee $10 for first 15 minutes, $1 per minute thereafter if child is left in our care without previous arrangement.

Trial class/Drop-in class $30
(Call first!)

Art material included.

One-time enrollment fee $25.

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One-time enrollment fee $25 is paid with the first class.

$100 payment will be returned if we will not be able to schedule the classes for whatever reason.