Art-Based Learning - Preschool - Elmwood Park, NJ
Art-Based Learning - Unique Child Care Option - NJ State Certified Since 2008
Why Child Care "Home"?

Because our early child care and preschool education for children from two to five years of age is provided in an unique home-based school setting, with no more than five children at a time, and under the guidance of always the same, highly qualified educator.

Why "Unique"?

Because inside the Early Arts child care home is an developmentally appropriate, carefully planned learning environment that promotes positive social/emotional climate and offers multiple opportunities for children to joyfully explore, discover, create, learn, and grow.

Why "Early Arts"?
Because the arts are the perfect tool for teaching young children. Children learn science, math, and literacy standard skills through visual arts, music, movement, and drama activities. We invite them to take what they know about something and apply it through artistic expression. This way we build higher order problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. These skills will be fundamental for later learning through the elementary grades and beyond.

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Early Arts Child Care Home offers supervised, safe, creative, educational, and fun preschool environment where your child will get individual attention and care that he or she needs. Our ratio of children to adult is always within state guidelines, and often even lower - 5:1 or 6:2; our group is never bigger then five kids at a time, or six if two teachers are present!

We are also state certified as a Family Child Care Home and have met or exceeded all health and safety guidelines. Our care is available Monday to Friday from 8am to 4pm, year round with August summer break. Morning extended time is also available and afternoon Art Classes are offered. 
We use photo and video documentation to see, reflect, and revisit ideas, feelings, experiences, and the learning process. This we share with the children and their families on a regular basis. We respect the child and his or her competencies, interests, and learning processes. We also respect parents as each child's first teacher - families are always welcome to get involved.

At Early Arts Child Care Home your child will participate in an arts - integrated curriculum with developmentally appropriate learning activities throughout the day. Since we know that young children learn best through activity and experimentation with concrete objects, the major emphasis of our curriculum is on creative activities and learning through play.

That is why art classes are integrated in our daily schedule, and also large blocks of time for playing and exploring are made available.
Units of study and seasonal topics are woven into our little students' individualized or group activities. Children are also free to follow their curiosity and develop their own ideas.

We try to support their ideas and extend  by providing equipment, books, art & craft supplies, and creative experiences through which the children can learn more. We are proud of our playful, educationally enriched, creative curriculum that encourages literacy, language and  social/emotional development, and understanding of early math and science concepts.

Enrichment dance lessons and creative movement classes may be offered weekly or be-weekly by DDA Dance Academy during the school year, and again throughout the summer.

Their 45-minute class consists of a combination of dance, coordination skills, rhythm, and singing; skills that are introduced in the creative movement class are reinforced, and new skills are added to keep students entertained, engaged, and learning.

Our program is relaxed and informal, but  there is dependable sequence to such events as eating, resting, activities, and play so that the children have the security of knowing what happens next. Transitions are never stressful. Healthy, nutritious breakfast, lunch, and snacks are freshly made and served daily. A quite time follows lunch.
We believe all children are precious gifts and we treat them with the utmost kindness, love and respect. You can rest assured that your child will be happy and confident, and ready for Kindergarten.

Once children are helped to perceive themselves as authors or inventors, once they are helped to discover the pleasures of inquiry, their motivation and interest explode’
Loris Malaguzzi, Italian early education specialist, founder of the Reggio Emilia Schools, Italy

Creativity matters!